Our Story

Dipt the Wizard with banner showing Sammi holding Dipt Pretzels.


Legend has it that Dipt the Wizard would work late into the night until he was overcome by his Munchies. How to thwart them so he could create more spells? To overcome the cravings, Dipt asked his girlfriend Sammi for assistance. She beseeched the cosmos for guidance, hearing the response to make sweet and a little salty edible magic wands. Inspired by other magical entities, Sammi crafted fantastic combinations of Belgian chocolate and gourmet pretzel rods. These were delicious, but not quite enough to defeat the Munchies. Dipt the Wizard realized the answer was clear as a night on a full moon: enchanting the wands with stardust. Thus, he slayed his Munchies. Now, you can too.

Taste the magic of Dipt Pretzels!